Waiting to Know is a blog/community managed by Monica Bowie of Heart Preparation Ministries. The purpose of the blog is to help others see God's will in every area of life. While the primary audience is women, Monica wanted to ensure the website wasn't too feminine, because the community is for everyone. Additionally, she wanted it to be easy for people to subscribe to the mailing list so they can stay connected and engaged!


I tried to do my own web/blog design for a year and realized quickly that I needed to let an expert do it! I was ready to take my brand to the next level, and Shanta came highly recommended. I'm a little on the extreme side of picky and I let Shanta know, that I didn't want anything I could do myself. From our very first interaction, WOW, I was immediately impressed! She made every step of the project so simple for me! Shanta delivered my vision for this project perfectly! I highly recommend her to others, and I will be using her again for another project this year! (MONICA BOWIE)