Brand strategist and web designer — inspired by details and ignited through creativity.



Why Me?
Your business is dear to your heart. You've invested time and countless resources to take it to the next level. You want things done right so you can stop going in circles and start seeing a return on your investments! That's where I come in — I've been there, and know exactly how you feel. Working with me means I'm listening to your needs and business goals while making sure no detail is missed. You have my undivided attention and can enjoy the experience of working with a professional who wants to help you make money while living out your dream.

Everyone deserves that feeling of having a brand + website that their confident in and excited to show off. And together, we can make it happen for you.

My Background
While my background is "technical," it didn't start in the tech industry — it started in finance. Although being a CPA (not practicing) and what I do now seem to be complete opposites, it's not! Being a CPA taught me the importance of the details, that's where the money is. I pay attention to all the pieces in the middle that turn site visitors into new clients and paying customers — it's my specialty and what sets my process apart. Over the years, I’ve worked with other creatives, entrepreneurs and influencers to create custom, premium visual solutions that resonate with their audience and tell their brand’s story simply and effectively.


What an amazing experience working with Shanta on a client project. Her work ethic, speedy responses and creativity are unmatched. She took our vision and made it more than what we envisioned. She’s great! (SHERMIKIA LEMON - PEACEFULLY PROFITABLE)

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